Magicmike's Jaialai Scorekeeper

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Jai-alai Scorekeeper written by Michael Berry (Owner of Magicomp)
Featuring voice of Tampa Jaialai's own "Jack Patterson".
New version now allows points to double after first round.

Here is a sample with players listed:

Simple to use, just pick players from roster and as points are scored just
click or type the number of the team that won the point. Announcer will
call out players names and scores as game progresses, including possible game point, etc.
During the game if player makes good or bad play the 'B'oo button and 'C'lap button is available to add life to the game.
Final scores and game durations are saved for future posting to bulletin boards, etc.
Just added feature to randomize players with fronts and backs and solo (if necessary).

Here is a sample game with 8 teams and I changed the game to 3 points to speed up the video. I click the logo to begin the game with the intro music and voice. Then I will give 1 point to each team to show how it announces and on point 5 I have Thomas throw a bad shot and hit 'B' for Boo and give point to 6. After one rotation I have George and Mike go to 2 points which would make possible game point and then have Anthony throw a great shot to beat us and hit 'C' for clap and then Anthony and Chip continue the game and run it out for the win. The program features voice of Tampa Jaialai's own "Jack Patterson". Video is 4 Min 10 Sec long.